每周讀經靈修 Weekly Bible Study

(請在周五參加禱告會,並與他人分享你所學到的知識。Please come to prayer meeting on Friday and share with others what you've learned.) 

                                           使徒行傳 Acts 9:32-43

1. 為什麼呂大的人相信耶穌是主?Why people in the city of Lydda believed in Jesus as Lord?

2. 大比大是個什麼樣的人?What kind of person was Tabitha?

3. 當大比大患病去世時,當地耶穌的門徒便怎樣做?What did the local disciples of Jesus do when Tabitha died?

4. 在約帕的事件與在路加福音8:49-56 中魯睚女兒的事件

有何相似之處?How was the incident in Joppa similar to the incident of the daughter of Jairus in Luke 8:49-56?

5. 大比大的事件如何影響約帕市? How did the incident of Tibitha affect the city of Joppa?

6. 路加寫這經文中的目的是什麼?What was Luke’s purpose of writing this section?